lunes, 27 de mayo de 2013

¿Qué opinas del nuevo diseño de Merida? /What do you think about the new Merida's design?

En las ultimas semanas Merida ha sido objeto de controversia debido a su nuevo look. Disney ha creado una nueva imagen de ella en 2d pues no puede aparecer en los  productos  con su imagen 3D. Brenda Chapman, directora de brave, opina que el nuevo look de Merida  es atroz pues se aleja del personaje ya que piensa que merida no es un personaje "Sexy" y que disney ha hecho una imagen erronea de ella por lo que Disney ha decidido retirar la imagen.
En mi opinión ella sigue siendo mona y continua siendo la princesa valiente. ¿Y tu que opinas de esta controversia?

In the last weeks Merida has been a discuss character. Disney has created a new look in 2d because they want her to be part of  the magical world of the disney princesses and she can't be in the merchandise or in the pictures in 3D. But when Brenda Chapman, the director of Brave, saw  this new look she said that she was upset because she think that Merida is not a sexy character, is a diferent princess, brave and strong and disney has create a picture where she is pretty and she has an awesome hair, so disney has decide to remove this new look of the franchise. 
In my opinion she's so cute and she still being Merida, the brave princess. What do you think about this controversy?

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  1. I think that the changes implemented to Merida are no different than what Rapunzel went through. Everyone was concerned about how she would look next to the other 9 2D princesses, being a 3D character model, but she got redrawn and she still looks beautiful. Every princess got the 'bedazzled' treatment. Why people are up in arms about Merida is just confusing. ALL of them have had their changes, and compared to so many of them, Merida's was small time.

    1. i'm totally agree with you, rapunzel and the other princesses has a new look too and if they want merida to be part of the franchise she has to have a new look to!and in my opinion she looks so cute in her new look, the dress is awesome and it's not so different than the movie version haha
      pd:thanks for the comentary!